Högre litterära seminariet i ryska och tjeckiska / Högre språkvetenskapliga seminariet

Gemensamt seminarium

Docent Gudrun Persson presenterar sitt arbete med boken "Russian military thought – strategy and doctrine from the 1860s to the present”

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Western understanding of Russian military thinking has been largely inadequate. And yet, the military has been, and still is, an important feature of the Russian state and its history – in some cases even the agent of change. Exploring this part of intellectual life in Russia, this book addresses the issue of continuity and change. I argue that military thought about future war, strategy and doctrine, can reveal direction of change. The book aims at contributing to a research field in Russian studies that is less explored. The point is that without understanding this past evolution of thought it is not possible to get into the mindset of the current Russian military leadership.

Gudrun Persson är gästforskare vid institutionen under 2021.

Språk: Svenska

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