Dear colleagues,

two of our Ph.D. students in Slavic languages, Irene Elmerot and Thomas Samuelsson, have been accepted to the Corpora and Discourse conference at the University of Sussex 17–19 June. Due to the covid-19 situation, they are asked to send videos instead of presenting in person at the conference.

We would like to take the opportunity to organize a seminar with rehearsal on the 28th of May, as an occasion to get some feedback from supervisors and others before they post their videos. 


professor Masako Fidler, Brown University

associate professor Mihail Kopotev, Helsinki University

The students' topics are 

Irene: 20 minutes (originally an oral presentation) + 15 min. discussion:

Swinging from the extremes – Arabs and Muslims in the media 1989–2018

Thomas: 3 min. (originally a poster) + 15 min. discussion

Anti-Trump in Russian Media – a corpus analytic study

Zoom-link will be sent to you if you on request to

You are all very welcome to listen and to participate in the discussion.