13.05–13.25 Dmitrij Dobrovolskij Corpus as a basis of the Russian constructicon.

13.25–13.45 Mihail Kopotev Constructional generalization over Russian collocations

13.45–14.05 Nadezhda Zorikhina-Nilsson. Exploring temporal relations with parallel corpora: the Swedish conjunction  “innan” and its Russian equivalents

14.05–14.25 Reglindis De Ridder, Annika Johansson. Glocal heroes in PJs? Analysing a trilingual audiovisual corpus.

14.25–14.40 Break

14.40–15.00 Julia Baumann. Reunification. A media linguistical analysis of the German reunification remembrance culture on Twitter.

15.00–15.20 Thomas Samuelsson. Prefix “anti-” in Russian media discourse: a corpus study

15.20–15.40 Irene Elmerot. Stereotypes in media language – a corpus linguistic study of adjective-modified nouns

15.40–16.00 Final discussion

16.00 – Informal discussion