Workshop: “Verbs of falling in languages of the world”

Institutionen för slaviska och baltiska språk, finska, nederländska och tyska samt Institutionen för lingvistik bjuder in till en workshop om verb som betecknar fall i världens språk. Workshopen är organiserad i samarbete med School of Linguistics, National Research University ”Higher School of Economics”, Moskva.

Alla intresserade är välkomna, på del av eller hela workshopen!

OBS: För studenter som har "allmänna föreläsningar" som obligatorium i sin kursplan, kan deltagande i en lång eller tre kortföreläsningar räknas som en allmän föreläsning. Ta med din närvaroblankett!

Falling as a physical event is universal. During this workshop we look at lexicalization patterns that natural languages employ to express this concept. The main topics to be discussed include the number of verbs of falling individual languages tend to have and how they differ in carving up the domain of FALLING.

We use cross-linguistic data to illustrate typologically different strategies. They can be described as generalizing or very detailed ones. The first group covers languages that use the same verb for describing rain falling from the sky, flour pouring from a torn bag or hair falling off an old man's head. The second group includes languages where verbs of falling are sensitive to numerous parameters and use different lexemes for such situations as falling from above (e.g. an apple falling down from an apple tree) as opposed to changing vertical to horizontal orientation while remaining on the same surface, or falling of multiple objects.

We also look at language systems that make do without special verbs of falling and discuss how the idea of uncontrolled gravity driven movement is expressed there.

Finally, verbs of falling are also approached from a diachronic perspective, as a source for metaphorical shifts and as a subject for error-based research in second language production.


14.00-14.05   Welcome
14.05-14.55   Ekaterina Rakhilina, Daria Ryzhova. Towards the typology of falling  events:preliminary results
14.55-15.15   Tatiana Reznikova. Exotic systems of falling: the case of Aghul
15.15-15.35   Liliya Kholkina. Deep diachrony of falling verbs: evidence from Chinese

15.35.-15.45 Break

15.45-16.05 Dmitri Sitchinava. Russian simplex past' and its Slavic correspondences
16.05-16.25   Anastasia Vyrenkova. Verbs of falling in Russian Learner Corpus
16.25-16.45   Ekaterina Rakhilina, Tatiana Reznikova, Daria Ryzhova. Metaphors of falling cross-linguistically
16.45-17.00 Discussion

17.00-18.00. Postworkshop reception at the Department of Slavic and Baltic Languages, Finnish, Dutch and German, E House, the 4th floor

Organizing Committee: Nadezjda Z. Nilsson (Institutionen för SLABAFINETY), Ljuba Veselinova (Institutionen för lingvistik), Ekaterina Rakhilina (School of Linguistics, National Research University ”Higher School of Economics”, Moskva).