Allmän föreläsning / Högre litterärt seminarium i ryska och tjeckiska

Professor Sibelan Forrester,  Swarthmore College (USA):

Naming the Future: Conveying (Post-)Nationality in Russian and East European Science Fiction and in Translation

Science fiction is the ultimate defamiliarizing verbal genre, uniquely well suited not only to imagining space exploration or new trajectories for science and technology, but first and foremost to envisioning new ways of organizing social and political entities. Even works that lack encounters with sentient aliens provoke a confrontation of self and other, as readers meet characters from remote times and places or alternative and very different presents. This paper examines one factor that helps to create worlds different from our own: the use of personal names that convey information about international, transnational or post-national groups and societies in the future, and the way these names have been or could be rendered in English translation.


Sibelan Forrester är välkänd som bl.a. Tsvetajeva-forskare. Hennes senaste bok är Russian silver age poetry : texts and contexts / edited and introduced by Sibelan E.S. Forrester and Martha M.F. Kelly (2015)