Seminarium i polska: dr Lucyna Marzec, UAM Poznań

Titel: Kazimiera Iłłakowiczówna w Szwecji (warsztaty)
Kazimiera Iłłakowiczówna in Sweden (a workshop)

Språk: polska


Dr Lucyna Marzec second workshop, held in Polish, introduces a poet and a diplomate, Kazimiera Iłłakowiczówna, who travelled to Sweden in middle 1930. in order to give lectures about Poland and gen. Józef Piłdudski. The visit resulted in poems and essays about Sweden.


Dr. Lucyna Marzec is a lecturer at the Institute of Polish Philology at AMU. She is the author of the monograph Po kądzieli. Gatunki pisarstwa feministycznego Jadwigi Żylińskiej (On the Distaff Side. Genres of Jadwiga Żylińska’s Feminist Writing, 2014) and editor of the collected letters of Kazimiera Iłłakowiczówna to her sister, Barbrara Czerwijowska (2014). Her articles have been published in scholarly journals, and she is also the co-editor of several collective volumes, including Poznań pisarek i pisarzy (Poznań of Writers; 2016); Twórczość niepozorna. Szkice o literaturze (Modest Work. Essays on Literature; 2015); and Wielkopolski alfabet pisarek (Wielkopolski Alphabet of Women Authors; 2012). She belongs to the Scholarly Council of the Interdisciplinary Centre for the Gender and Cultural Identity Studies at AMU. Marzec is also an occasional coordinator of cultural activities and participates in several organizations involved in promoting cultural and intellectual life. She is an editor of the magazine Czas Kultury.