Dr Ursula Phillips

Rewriting the Polish Female Voice: A Workshop on Translating Zofia Nalkowska and Agnieszka Taborska

[short extracts in Polish to be circulated to students in advance]


Därefter bjuder vi in till postseminarium med fika med dryck och ostbricka.


Dr Ursula Phillips (Honorary Research Associate at UCL School of Slavonic & East European Studies) is a writer on Polish literature and translator of literary and academic works. Her translations include Zofia Nałkowska's Choucas (1927), Maria Wirtemberska’s Malvina, or the Heart’s Intuition (1816) and Narcyza Żmichowska’s The Heathen (1846). She is a translator of contemporary writers Wiesław Myśliwski and Agnieszka Taborska and editor of a recent book on post-1989 Polish literature: Polish Literature in Transformation (LIT-Verlag, 2013).
Her research interests include Polish literary and cultural history, contemporary Polish literature, women’s studies, gender and feminism, translation studies. Her recent literary translations are scholarly editions which include substantial introductions, bibliographies and footnotes.