Dr Urszula Chowaniec, School of Slavonic and East European Studies, University College London (UCL):

"Polska do wymiany", czyli o wybranych problemach z tożsamością w polskiej literaturze współczesnej.


Urszula Chowaniec, MA, Ph.D. Specialist in Polish literature and language. She is currently holding the post of Polish Language and Culture Teacher Fellow at University College London School of Slavonic and east European Studies, where she leads the series of seminars and cultural platform of eMigrating Landscapes: the literary and artistic representation of emigration (www.emigratinglanscapes.org). She is also an Assistant Professor at Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Kraków University, Poland where she runs the project on Polish Women’s Writing and Notion of Displacement (funded by National Centre for Science), as a result of which she will publish a book on displacement and melancholy in contemporary Polish writing (Cambridge Scholar Publishing, 2014). She has published a lot on women’s writing, literary theory and literary and cultural history (such as edited volumes, e.g. (2012) Women’s  Voices and Feminism in Polish Cultural History ed. Urszula Chowaniec, Ursula Philips. Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing; (2012) Philosophy and Literature: Transformation and Generation in Gender and Post-dependency Discourse, a special issue of ARGUMENT: Biannual Philosophical Journal (2012, vol. 2, no. 1) accessible online: http://www.argument-journal.eu/current-issue?lang=en; (2010) Mapping Experience in Polish and Russian Women’s Writing, ed. Urszula Chowaniec, et.al Newscastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing; articles, e.g. (2013) (E)Mingration and Displacement: Melancholy as a Subversive Gesture in Prose by Women (w:) Literature in Transformation, red. Ursula Phillips, Berlin: LIT Verlag, 2013, ss. 93-113. See the project website: www.emigratinglandscapes.org . She run the blog Cudzoziemki: Women’s Writing Poland (http://cudzoziemki.weebly.com/